DANCE ATTIRE: All dancers must wear DANCEWEAR to dance class. This means leotards, tights, crop tops, dance shorts, leggings, and dance pants. No baggy clothes will be allowed! Teachers need to be able to see placement of the hips, shoulders, and torso, in order to correct dancers technique. This is for ALL classes, not just ballet. If your dancer is repeatedly not in correct attire, first an email will be sent. If it continues your dancer will be asked to sit out of class, or go home and change. Correct dance attire helps your dancer get the best possible dance training! Hair must be pulled back away from the face. No jewelry is allowed in dance class with the exception of post earrings.
Proper dance shoes must be worn for all classes. 
Pink Ballet Shoes, Tan “Bloch Super Jazz” Shoes, and Tan tap shoes. 

Competition dancers can wear any dance shoes until
costumes have been picked out.

Hip Hop dancers can wear any clean(never been outside) tennis shoes, until recital costumes have been picked out. NO STREET SHOES ALLOWED ON THE DANCE FLOORS.
Please put your dancers name in the inside of all dance shoes and bags.

TUITION:Tuition is due at time of registration, and starting Sept., by the 15th of each month. A $10 late fee will be charged for late payments. WE NO LONGER ACCEPT CHECKS. Cash or payment through the online system are the only accepted forms of payment. 
**10 payments total will be due**
No refunds or deductions for missed classes. Therefore if you pay for classes a few months in advance or even a year in advance, and then decide to drop, there is no refund. Also, if you take one class in a month, and decide to drop that class, you must pay for that month’s tuition. You pay no extra for months with 5 weeks, and you receive no credit for months with 3 weeks.
Holidays and Breaks: Holidays and Breaks will be listed on the website for your convenience. Classes will not be rescheduled for holidays or break periods. No refunds or deductions for classes missed due to holiday cancellations.
*KLDS does not charge for the weeks missed due to Winter Break, or Spring Break.

INCLEMENT WEATHER: If their is inclement weather, KLDS staff will assess the conditions, and decide to cancel classes or not. Cancellations will be posted on KLDS Facebook Page, on the Remind App(to subscribe#81010@klds)and left on the KLDS answering machine. No personal phone calls will be made.  If in doubt, call or text Miss Kasey to find out for sure. Their are no refunds or rescheduling for dance classes cancelled due to inclement weather.

CANCELED CLASSES: If a class drops below 5 dancers, if may be necessary to move the dancers into an existing class, or to cancel the class. This may be a permanent move/cancellation, or it may be temporary due to an absence that involves most of the class. Classes cancelled due to majority absence will not be rescheduled.

RESCHEDULED CLASSES: Classes will be rescheduled only if the teacher has to cancel for personal reasons.

Registration Fee:$30 per dancer due at time of registration.

Winter Showcase:​All KLDS dancers will dance in the Winter Showcase in December. Exact location, dates, times, will be announced as soon as they are confirmed. Cost of the Winter Showcase is $20 due Nov. 1st. Dancers will get a KLDS Winter shirt to wear for their performance, and will dance to fun Holiday themed music. This is a "mini-recital" to show family and friends what they have been working on so far during the dance year! It is also a great performance opportunity! Admission is $5 for Ages 3-Adult. Ages 3 and under are free.

RECITAL: Recital will most likely be held at the Ankeny Hawks High School Auditorium. It will be scheduled for June. Exact dates/times will be announced at a later date. 
Recital fee:a non-refundable one time fee
$70 per dancer by Mar.15th 2017
$85 per dancer after Mar. 15th 2017
Admission to the recital is free for all guests, and open to the public. At this time we do not issue tickets.

COSTUMES: Costumes are paid for in 2 payments. The first payment is due in October, and the balance will be due in January after you have received your final costume invoice. Costumes will not be ordered if your 1st payment is not paid in full.
First payment: 3 year olds thru 1st grade combo classes $50
2nd-Int. Adv combo classes-$100
Hip Hop, Acro, Pom and Pointe $50
KLDS Competition Team-$200
 Costume payments are non-refundable. Costumes will not be released to dancers who have not paid for their costumes in full, and are not current with their monthly tuition.

ATTENDANCE: Consistent attendance is key in maintaining a student’s mastery of dance technique. Dance is a physical activity that requires consistent weekly training to establish muscle strength and muscle memory. Dance uses specialized technique that requires instruction by a knowledgeable teacher and committed attendance by the student in order to achieve the desired results.
Attendance will be taken in every class each week. Dancers will only be allowed 5 absences for the year. In excess of 5 absences will result in removal from the year end recital. No refunds for missed classes for any reason.

General Dance Class Rules:
Dance Attire must be worn in all classes, this includes proper dance shoes. No baggy t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, or denim is allowed!
 No Food or Drink allowed in class. Water bottles only are encouraged.
No jewelry- post earrings only allowed
No Gum allowed.
Hair must be pulled up and away from the face.  Please use restroom before or after class.Do not open studio doors and disrupt ongoing dance classes.

Yearly Schedule: The yearly schedule(recital, picture day, breaks, etc.) will be posted for your convenience on the website under the Events tab. www.kaseyleighdancestudio.com. We will also make event annoucements on Facebook(Kasey Leigh Dance Studio), Instagram(@kaseyleighdancestudio), Remind App(to subscribe#81010@klds), and through emails.

 Policies and Fees